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Hay camera club reference material

This page contains links to items of general or more specific reference for Hay Camera Club members only. It is not intended for general public use and the Club cannot accept responsibility for any harm or loss incurred as a result of the advice given on this page.

contrast grading

Club member Peter Corbett recently gave a presentation to other members on Contrast Grading. He has now kindly supplied some notes  to help explain the concepts. These include:

  • A method to determine the black and white points of an image using Adobe Photoshop

  • A simple workflow using Layers and Masks to apply Contrast Grading to an image in PS

  • A simple but effective way to apply Output Sharpening to an image in PS without creating halos

Please see the Word file below for more information

contrast grading part 2

On the 5th May 2020 Peter Corbett presented the second part of his online talk on Contrast Grading, but this time explained the use of Quick Mask and Adjustment Layers in Adobe Photoshop.

Please see the Word file below for more information.

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