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hay camera club galleries -

open competition 2021

On the different Gallery pages on this site we are pleased to display a changing selection of our members' images on a variety of themes. The images will display automatically as a slide show. Hover the mouse pointer over an image to see more details or click on a photo to stop the slide show and advance through it at your own pace. If you like an image please let us know what you think via our Contact page.

The images in this Gallery were all entered by Club members into a regular, annual, internal competition, judged in January 2021 by a panel of three individual members of the Club, who discussed all of the entries and awarded their marks in an online presentation to other members because of the continuing Coronavirus emergency. We hope you enjoy viewing the entries, which demonstrate the high degree of technical skill, innovation and sense of humour to be found amongst the Club membership. You can see the highest-scoring images on our News page.

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