hay camera club competition rules

1. Organisation
a) Competitions are held during the Club’s season at the Committee’s discretion, the first being an Open Competition held in January.

b) All competitions for both PDIs and prints can be Colour or Monochrome, or both,  or as specified for individual competitions. 

c) The Competitions Secretary is to keep a record of the author, picture title and points awarded for all entries and is to announce the winner and runner up in each section at the end of judging.

2. Rules
a) Only fully paid-up members may enter Club competitions.

b) Each member may submit up to five entries unless otherwise instructed. Entries are to be marked with the picture title, the author’s membership number and numbered in priority (number 1 being the entry the member considers to be their best entry for the competition) so that the Competitions Secretary can reduce the overall number of entries to a competition if the number is too high. This applies to both print and PDI competitions. Members belonging to more than one club involved in the same "battle" can submit entries for any club.

c) Images entered must be entirely the work of the photographer. Composite images are permitted, provided all component images meet this requirement. 
d) No photograph previously entered into an internal Club competition, and a winner, may be entered again, with the exception of the Picture of the Year competition, Club of Clubs and other inter-club competitions.

e) Prints may be of any size, with the maximum size of mount 50 x 40cms and with the title and author’s membership number and priority number written on the back.

f) Digital (JPEG) images should be no bigger than 1400 pixels in width (landscape format) or 1050 pixels in height (portrait format).  Incorrectly sized images will not be accepted and will be returned to the member.

g) Entries are to be forwarded direct to the Competitions Secretary and are not to be perused by any other member prior to the competition.

h) Unless otherwise stated, no more than 3 entries per member for external Competitions or Battles are permitted and will be subject to selection by the Committee, selection panel or membership as appropriate.  They must not have been entered previously into the relevant Competition or Battle.

i) The Club respects copyright, image licensing and will only use legally licensed hardware and software at club meetings.

j) All annual cups and shields must be returned to the Competitions Secretary by the Club Meeting prior to the Awards Ceremony in December.
k) In case of any dispute the Committee’s decision is final.

3. Judges
a) Judges may be a Club member or a visiting judge, or alternatively can comprise a panel of three, in which case the average of the marks are taken with only one judge making comments.
b) A Club judge may not enter any competition he is presiding over unless he is one of a panel of three, in which case he will not mark his own entry and the average of the two other judges will be taken.

c) Marks are awarded out of 20 on all entries with half marks given as required.  

Revised April 2018

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