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hay camera club constitution 

1. Name
The Club shall be called the Hay Camera Club, hereinafter called Hay CC or the Club.

2. Aims
The primary aim of the Club is the furtherance of photographic art and technique amongst the membership, by holding lectures, demonstrations, competitions and other events commensurate with this aim. It is a further aim to engage with, and support the local community by providing public/open events as appropriate and approved by the committee of Hay CC.

3. Eligibility for Membership
Membership shall be open to anyone interested in, or practising photography, and who agrees to actively support the Club and abide by the Club rules. Members under the age of 18 will be asked to confirm their date of birth and will also need to obtain their parent’s or guardian’s written consent to their personal data being retained by Hay CC.

4. Attendance
All paid-up members may attend any and all meetings of Hay CC, with the exception of Committee Meetings unless invited by the Chair. Persons under the age of 18, and persons who may be deemed as vulnerable adults, must be accompanied to Club meetings or events by a responsible adult or guardian.

5. Visitors
Visitors to Hay CC will be welcomed to Club meetings subject to paying a ‘Visitor’s Fee’, the amount of which shall be determined by the Committee and agreed by a majority of the membership.

6. Prospective Members
Prospective members of Hay CC may attend up to three meetings as Visitors to assess the Club and its activities, after which they will be expected to apply to join the Club.

7. Application for Membership
Applicants should apply to the Chair or Secretary for membership. Prospective members will be required to complete an application form and thereby confirm their agreement to abide by the Rules of Hay CC, the Club Data Protection Policy, and also any rules governing competitions, exhibitions and the use of the Club facilities

8. Termination of Membership
Any member may resign their membership of Hay CC at any time in writing to the Committee. A member’s membership will lapse if the annual membership fee is not paid within a period of six weeks from the date of notification that the fees are due. (Any member, having difficulty in paying their fees for personal reasons, may approach the Chair in confidence to discuss alternative arrangements.)

9. Expulsion
Any member, who, in the opinion of the Committee, disregards, disobeys or violates any of these rules, or is guilty of conduct prejudicial or detrimental to the interests of Hay CC, shall be liable to expulsion. Such a member shall be furnished by the Committee with a statement in writing of the charges made against him/her and shall be afforded the opportunity of answering them either orally (to the Committee) and/or in writing. If within 28 days no explanation is given, or if in the opinion of two thirds of the Committee, at a meeting called for that purpose, the explanation is unsatisfactory, the committee by a similar majority may decide to expel or suspend the member.

10. Subscriptions
Having regard to the draft budget, the annual subscription shall be agreed for the following year at the first Club meeting after the summer recess and be payable from the following AGM. New members joining six months or later after the AGM may join at a proportion of the current subscription rate based pro rata on the number of months remaining, at the discretion of the Treasurer.

11. Organisation
The officers of the Club shall comprise a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Competitions Secretary, Programme Secretary and two Member Representatives. Should any Officer position become vacant during the Club year by resignation or any other reason, his/her duties may be undertaken on a temporary basis by another Committee member, for the sake of continuity, until an AGM or SGM is called. If an AGM is scheduled within 3 months, no further action shall be taken and the Officer position will be subject to election in the normal manner. If an AGM is not scheduled, a SGM shall be called solely for the purpose of electing the Officer.

12. Management
At Committee meetings four members of Committee shall form a quorum. The Committee may request other Club members to provide advice or assistance to enable it to carry out its responsibilities.

13. Duration of Service
Whilst not being prescriptive, it is recommended that all Officer Positions shall be held for a maximum term of three contiguous years. In exceptional circumstances, this expectation may be waived by a Motion carried at an AGM by a simple majority, on a case-by-case basis. An Officer so retiring may be nominated for an alternative Officer position at an AGM.

14. Duties of Officers
a. Chair
The Chair shall be the spokesman for the Club. He/she shall preside at Club meetings and Committee meetings. In the event of a vote being equally divided at a General, Special or Committee meeting, he/she shall have the right to a casting vote in addition to his/her personal vote.

b. Vice-Chair
The Vice-Chair shall deputise for, and undertake the duties of the Chair when the Chair is absent. In addition, he/she shall carry out such further duties as the Chair may request or direct.

c. Secretary
The Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the Club, including all notifications and papers concerned with the AGM and any SGM. He/she shall also be responsible for keeping the minutes of all meetings: namely AGM, SGM and committee meetings, and for their circulation.

d. Treasurer
The Treasurer shall collect all subscriptions and monies due and maintain a record of all money movements. At the close of each Club year, a ‘Statement of Income and Expenditure’ and a ‘Balance Sheet’ shall be drawn up by the Treasurer and be verified by a competent, independent person who is not a Club member. The Treasurer shall be responsible for paying all speakers and judges in a timely manner, as well as all other Club financial commitments and purchases as they arise.

e. Programme Secretary
The Programme Secretary shall arrange a programme of events for the coming year within a budget agreed by the Committee. He/she shall undertake the reservation of speakers and arrange for suitable publication of the Club programme for members and, where appropriate, the advertising of events to the general public. The Programme Secretary shall also ensure that Model Release forms are provided and signed, should the need arise.

f. Competitions Secretary
The Competitions Secretary shall be responsible for arranging all internal competitions as agreed by the Committee and within a budget proposed by the Treasurer. He/she shall engage judges and coordinate the call for competition entries from members, record and manage individual scores awarded by judges, and disseminate the results. The Competitions Secretary shall also manage and coordinate Hay CC entries in inter-club and Federation competitions which the Club may enter.

g. Member Representatives
The two member representatives will have full voting rights and perform tasks as required by the Committee. They shall be deemed to be Club officers.

15. Money Management
A policy of “at least two out of three” signatures will be adopted for the Hay CC bank account. No signatory may authorise any payment to himself/herself.

16. Annual General Meeting (AGM)
The AGM of the Club shall be held within the first two months following the end of the financial year. The business shall include a) Minutes of the last AGM, b) Chair’s Report, c) Officers’ Reports, including the presentation of audited accounts, d) Election of Officers, e) Motions proposed, and f) Any Other Business. The election of nominees for Officer Positions shall be by fully paid-up members of Hay CC and shall be by secret ballot if necessary.

17. AGM Notification Timetable
At least twenty-eight days’ notice must be given to all members of the date of an Annual General Meeting, with an invitation to propose matters to be discussed and motions to be proposed including nominations for Officer Positions. All formal motions and nominations for Officer Positions duly proposed and seconded, and matters for discussion, must be received by the Secretary at least fourteen days before the AGM. The Secretary shall distribute the AGM agenda at least 7 days before the AGM date. Notification of matters for discussion to be included in the Agenda does not preclude other matters, of an urgent nature only that can be raised under Any Other Business. The advantage of pre-notification is to allow members to consider the ‘matter’ prior to the AGM to enable informed discussion.

18. Special General Meeting (SGM)
A Special General Meeting can be called at any time by the Committee, or on receipt of a request signed by not less than five ordinary members stating the purpose and/or proposed motion(s), and sent to the Secretary at least twenty-one days before the date proposed. At least fourteen days before the SGM date, the Secretary shall inform members of the date of the SGM and the purpose for which it is called. At least seven days before the SGM, the Secretary shall
distribute the SGM agenda to members. A SGM shall deal solely with the matter(s) for which it was called.

19. Endorsements
The Committee of Hay CC will not endorse any advertising for commercial gain from outside parties. Any such material which may be forwarded to members, shall be at the discretion of the Committee and solely for photography-related reasons.

20. Website
The Hay CC website and its content are authorised by the Committee and shall be overseen by a nominated Committee member. The website provides information to Hay CC members and to the general public.

21. Social Media
All use of social media by the Club will be subject to approval by the Committee and will be actively moderated by a Committee member. Full regard will be paid to any acceptable use policies stipulated by the relevant media provider.

22. Insurance and Indemnities
Hay CC shall carry insurance covering accidents or injury to members, visitors or the general public, incurred during Committee-approved activities. The exception to this is that non-members joining the club on outings beyond the normal meeting premises will not be covered by the Club insurance. Hay CC shall also carry management protection insurance for Committee members.

23. Information Governance
All members of Hay Camera Club have a personal responsibility to ensure data is collected, stored and handled appropriately. The way in which this legal requirement is complied with is fully described in the club’s separate Data Protection Policy, which is the responsibility of the Chairman or a delegated member of the Committee.

24. Emergencies
In the event of any matter occurring or any dispute arising not specifically provided for in the foregoing rules, the Committee shall have the power to deal with the same at its discretion.

25. Dissolution
In the event of dissolution of Hay CC, a Special General Meeting shall be called at which a liquidator shall be appointed who will dispose of any physical assets and the proceeds, together with any remaining cash balances, sent to the general fund of the Welsh Photographic Federation or other suitable organisation established for the furtherance of photography.
Peter Seaman - Chair
Date 24th March 2021

Adopted by a majority of members at the Annual General Meeting on the 11th May 2021

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