hay camera club constitution 

1. Name: The Club shall be called the Hay Camera Club

2. Aims: The aims of the Club are the furtherance of photographic art and technique amongst the membership, by holding lectures, demonstrations, competitions, etc., and to provide exhibitions and demonstrations within the local community.

3. Membership: Membership shall be open to all interested in or practising photography, who agree to actively support the Club. However, persons under the age of 18 or those persons who may be deemed as vulnerable adults must be accompanied to Club meetings or events by a responsible adult or guardian. Applicants should apply to the Chairman or Secretary for membership.  Membership of the Club implies the undertaking to comply with and abide by these rules, and also any rules governing competitions, exhibitions and the use of the Club facilities. A member may be expelled or asked to resign from the Club at the decision of the Committee.  The Committee can request a member to appear before it, provided that where any accusation or charge is made the member shall be given full and reasonable opportunity to put forward a defence, and bring witnesses at a later meeting.  Any member expelled or asked to resign shall have the right of appeal to a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.  All proceedings called under this rule shall be treated as privileged and confidential.
4. Subscriptions: The annual subscription shall be fixed for the following year at the Annual General Meeting and be payable at the first Club meeting after the AGM.  Membership of the Club may be terminated if subscriptions are not paid within six weeks after the AGM or payment can be made quarterly in advance. New members joining six months or later after the AGM may join at a proportion of the current subscription rate based pro rata on the number of months remaining.   No person may take part in a Club competition or exhibition if they have not paid their current subscription.

5. Organisation: The officers of the Club shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Competitions Secretary and Programme Secretary, to be elected at the AGM.  Any officer of the Club who is unable to fulfil his/her duties would be expected to resign. A Special General Meeting may be convened, requiring a vote of three quarters of members present to replace the officer.  Any Officer, at his/her own request, may resign by giving written notice to the Secretary.


6. Management:  The affairs of the club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of officers and one ordinary member, all to be elected annually.  At Committee meetings three shall form a quorum.  The Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the Club and liaise with the Programme Secretary, along with the Committee, from January to December in the forthcoming year.  He/she shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of all meetings, with the assistance of the Ordinary member.  The Secretary may, at such times require Assistant Secretaries to organise specific tasks, with the approval of the Committee. The Treasurer shall collect all subscriptions and monies due after authorisation by the Committee. At the close of each Club year, a ‘Statement of Income and Expenditure’ and a ‘Balance Sheet’ shall be drawn up by the Treasurer and audited by two ordinary members.  All cheques or internet banking payments are to be signed/authorised by the Treasurer and any one other Committee member. Expenditure of Club funds, other than normal annual expenses approved by the Committee, should be put to the membership at a General Meeting for their approval.

7. Annual General Meeting: The AGM of the Club shall be held within the first two months following the end of the financial year (currently April).  The business shall include a) Minutes of the last AGM, b) Chairman’s Report, c) Treasurer’s Report, d) Election of Officers d) Any Other Business.  The Secretary must be given twenty-eight days notice prior to the AGM of any business to be discussed.  All nominations for the election to the Committee must be received by the Secretary fourteen days before the AGM and the election of nominees to stand be by secret ballot.

8. Special General Meeting: A Special General Meeting can be called at any time by the Committee or on receipt of a requisition signed by not less than five of the ordinary members, stating the object and sent to the Secretary at least twenty-eight days before the date proposed.

9. Notification: Twenty-one days’ notice must be given to all members of any Annual or Special General Meeting with particulars of all business to be transacted.

10. Emergencies: In the event of anything occurring not provided for or not clear in the foregoing rules, the Committee shall have the power to deal with the same at their discretion.

11. Dissolution: In the event of dissolution a Special General Meeting shall be called at which a liquidator shall be appointed and the assets will be disposed of to a group with similar aims or to a charity.



Peter Seaman - Chairman  

1st October  2019

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