hay camera club data protection policy

1.    The Hay Camera Club (HCC) is established within the terms set out in its published Constitution and Rules and is a data controller within the UK. 

2.    The personal information referred to in this Policy may include names, contact details, records of entries to events, and such other information as may be necessary for the effective management of the legitimate business of the HCC. Any person wishing to verify the information held by the Club may apply to the Secretary, who will supply the information requested within 21 days, if practicable. Persons resigning their membership of the Club may request any personal information held about them to be deleted and this will be done wherever possible.

3.    It is anticipated that persons wishing to become members of HCC will ordinarily supply basic contact details to the Secretary or another officer to enable their membership to be managed efficiently. All new members will be asked to complete and sign an application form and indicate their specific consent for the ways in which their data can be used at the time. Members may review and change these preferences at any time by application to the Secretary in writing. These details will normally be shared with other elected officers of the Club, as necessary, and held securely and separately from other personal data unrelated to Club business. 

4.    Members under the age of 18 will be asked to confirm their date of birth and will also need to obtain their parent’s or guardian’s written consent in advance for their personal data to be retained by HCC.

5.    Digital data will only be held on personal computers controlled by named Club officers and which are adequately protected by password/PIN access. Printed or handwritten records will be stored in dedicated files and kept separately from other personal material in a locked home. Backup copies of digital and printed data will be kept by other named officers and secured in a similar manner.

6.    Members entering printed or digital images for submission to external competitions or salons will normally be required to supply basic identifying particulars with the entry and must give specific permission for their work to be submitted in this way. HCC officers will not otherwise provide members’ personal information to a third party unless explicit permission has been sought from, and granted by, the data subject.

7.    From time to time officers of the Club will seek to organise local publicity about Club events or news. Depending on the circumstances this may take the form of media articles that mention successful images and their respective photographers. Members’ names will not be released to the media in this way without their specific consent in advance.

8.    The Club web site at www.haycameraclub.co.uk features a “Members Gallery” of images that are normally associated with the individual member by name. The use of images in this way is entirely optional and may even be anonymous if a member so wishes.

9.    Routine Club announcements will normally take the form of an email to all members as a group. Where possible this will be managed by way of “Blind Copies” (Bcc) so that members’ email addresses are not visible to other members. Members may elect not to receive such circulations by informing the Secretary in advance.

10.    Similarly, from time to time circulations from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB), the Welsh Photographic Federation (WPF) and other professional bodies may be received by HCC and routinely forwarded to individual members, who may again elect not to receive such circulations, if they prefer.

11.    Electronic marketing material received by HCC will not normally be forwarded to individual members unless it forms part of the general material referred to in (7) above or unless an officer believes that it is material consistent with membership of a camera club and therefore in the members’ interests to see it. Members wishing to sell or exchange items or draw other members’ attention to issues of interest should normally ask the Secretary or another officer to circulate the details to other members on their behalf.

12.    Data breaches will be reported to the Secretary immediately and investigated without delay by an appropriate officer of the Club.

13.    This policy will be reviewed by the Club Committee on an annual basis or where legislative change or a related incident require further, immediate attention.

May 2018

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